A Simpler Time Mill Price Sheet

A Simpler Time Mill is a Mini Mill that processes alpaca fur, alpaca fiber, alpaca wool, cashmere, silk, mohair, & llama.

All prices for alpaca fiber include washing and are based on finished weight only. We never charge for the dirt and the hay the animals love to roll in.
Alpaca fiber is never charged at incoming weight.

All Batt, Roving, Felt Sheets, Slivers and Yarn INCLUDE going through the fiber separator which is where vegetation is removed from the fiber with NO per pass or additional per lb. charge. Your yarn comes back more affordable, cleaner and with less scratchy guard hair.
In addition, it helps to reduce pilling in your final product.

Each price listed below is the cost you pay at that stage with all previous process steps completed at NO additional expense.

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5
Step 6
Step 6
Step 6
Step 6
Step 6
Washing  Picking Fiber Separator Batt or Roving Felt Sheet or Sliver 2 ply Chunky Yarn 2 ply Medium Yarn 2 ply Sport yarn 2 ply Fingering yarn 2ply Lace yarn
$7.50 Price Per Lb. $9.50 $18 $20 $26 $38 $34 $32 $38* $44*
Skeins are approx. 3 oz. ea. and are charged by type of yarn
$2.50 ea. $2.50 ea. $2.50 ea. $3.25 ea. $4.00 ea.
PRICES ARE NOT ACCUMLATIVE! For example: A Felt sheet is only$26 per pound (all previous steps are included at the $26 dollar price with no additional charge)
Lot fee is a $20 charge for any size lot. Lots under one lb. will be charged at the one pound charge.
*Fleece longer than 6" staple length requires an additional resizing charge of $4.00/Lb
2 ply yarn is standard. It is $2.00 per lb for each additional ply requested.
There is a $2.50/lb charge for adding any additional fiber asked to be blended
*New price begins for all fiber arriving at the mill after 01/01/2018
Confused on pricing? Here is a single lot example. I want 10 lbs of white alpaca processed into 2 ply sport weight yarn. After processing, there is 9 lbs of sport weight yarn made (less dirt and hay). Therefore, my price is $32 times 9 lbs. which is $ 288 plus one lot fee of $20 for a total of $308. My yarn will come standard on cones ready for machine knitting.
Another example for multiple lot. I want 2 animals processed into lace weight yarn. Each animal is 5 lbs. After processing I have 9 lbs of lace weight yarn. Therefore my price is $44 times 9 lbs. which is $396 and two lot fees at $20 ea. ($40) since I wanted each animal kept separate for a total of $436. My yarn will come standard on cones ready for machine knitting.

Shipping in your fiber

Please send in your fiber in CLEAR plastic bags. NO black bags. Bugs love to hide in dark dirty fiber
A $10 handling fee will be added to your bill for fiber sent in black bags.
Please  mark your ranch name or personal name on the bag and what you would like the fiber to be processed as: roving, or 2ply sport skeins...etc.

To save a lot in shipping expense, place a nylon foot sock over the end of a vacum hose and suck all the air out of the bag and twist the bag close and place in shipping box. This will save you a lot in shipping expense because you will be paying weight for the box not volume. Removing the air will not hurt the fiber.
Photos of some of the equipment it takes to make yarn at A Simpler Time Mill
picker cleaning fiber carter roving carter drum
Picker opens fiber up Fiber seperator removes vegetation and guard hair Carder makes roving or batts A closer look at roving for hand spinners Drum on the Carder makes batts
batt sliver spinner plyer
Batts are great for hand felting Drawframe makes roving into slivers for more consistant hand spinning Spinner makes single ply yarn Plyer makes yarn into 2 ply yarn


Got a deadline? Need to know when your yarn will be completed?

Then save a spot may be just right for you. All it takes is 3 easy steps.

1. Call 619 579-9114 and tell us how much fiber you want processed and what month. 2. Multiply the weight times $30 and send in a check for 10% of that amount. 3. Send in the fiber the month BEFORE yours is scheduled to be processed.

We will apply the 10% check to the final price so holding your spot is FREE.

We, at A Simpler Time, are also Schacht Spindle Co. dealers. Feel free to click here to see products offered through Schacht.

To order, send us an e-mail or call us M-F 8:00-5:00 (Pacific Standard Time) at (619) 579-9114.

Do you live too far away to come get a tour of our mill? Click below and you will see the tour of our mill that the Reader did when they came to our mill.